Our Mission

The American Iron Front is a network of Americans participating in direct action to counter the fascist and anti-democracy agenda perpetuated by groups and individuals in the United States. This agenda is being perpetuated by mainstream parties and fringe groups alike through misinformation, pseudo-patriotism, and weaponization of the law to disenfranchise voters, women, minorities, and those that oppose their bigoted agenda. They are actively recruiting in the cities and towns of America and radicalizing recruits online.

Our goal is to stand as a direct counterpoint to the nationalism of the alt-right and its corruption of American values by building solidarity, unity, and common defense of the Constitution. We do this by working in conjunction with other civil society organizations and pro-democracy institutions to reinvigorate and strengthen America’s democracy to ensure the efficacy of our elections, guarantee peaceful access to the democratic process, protect communities targeted by the alt-right, and countering misinformation that spreads hate or seeks to undermine the democratic process.

Patriotic colors and imagery have been associated with far-right and fascist groups in recent years, as they peddle their fake patriotism and toxic nationalism. It is the stance of the American Iron Front that they have stolen these colors and imagery from the American people, and have no right to use them.

By using these colors and imagery, the AIF seeks to reclaim this imagery for the American people, and to disassociate it from our opponents.

We know that returning this imagery to the American people will take time, as its association is firmly entrenched with our opponents. But the American people deserve to have their nation's colors and imagery associated not with vile hate, toxic nationalism and evil, but with Liberty, Equality, Freedom and Democracy.

The great American Experiment was built by people of many creeds, races, sexualities, genders, and identities. We at the AIF believe our greatest asset in safeguarding our democracy is the diversity and inclusivity of the people of this country. Its future rests with We the People.