"...Within the Shell of the Old, a New Society emerges..."

The alt-right is relentless in their use of misinformation and propaganda to recruit and radicalize people. Their aim? The disenfranchisement of women, minorities, and any who oppose their bigoted agendas. They are actively mobilizing voters to elect candidates that weaponize the rule of law, deny the peaceful transition of power, and establish a totalitarian dystopia.

Organizational Theory

As a group created to oppose fascist oppression, we organize locally in a horizontal Hong Kong style model. We employ non-violent Direct Action techniques with a clandestine structure so as to minimize infiltration and co-opting from those who would stop us.

We are an anti-authoritarian movement. As such, we reject any centralized power and are self-directed and leaderless. This ensures that there is no single point of failure within our organization and if any one chapter goes down others can continue. You cannot sever the head of our organization for our organization has no head to sever; this makes us far more resilient than traditional centralized groups.

"You're an undercover agent, Harry!"

Fascists are dangerous creatures to mess with. We need to take precautions to keep our members safe. We request that all of our members have a firm understanding of security basics and PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Any PII can be used to dox you and others which can:

  • Compromise operationalntegrity
  • Expose our members to harassment
To avoid this, resources can be found here on how to avoid being doxxed.

Encrypted Communications

In order to minimize the chances of being doxxed or operational information being leaked, we request all communication goes through encrypted channels. You should absolutely create a separate encrypted email address to be exclusively used in all of your AIF activities. Ideally, multiple. There should be no overlap between it and your other accounts. We highly recommend Proton Mail for email and Signal for direct messaging.


In the fight against fascism there are degrees of priority. to While individual candidates offered by the "anti-fascist" democratic party are lackluster, they are better than having outright fascists in power. Our goal when voting should therefore be to deny fascists a complete monopoly on state power, which is what would result without democratic opposition.

This DOES NOT MEAN that we solely want to focus on voting. Voting is a holding action, meant to hold back the fascist threat from total state control. That means that the impetus is on us, community organizers and people LIKE YOU to directly engage in community organizing and mitigate the underlying issues that cause people to turn to strongmen and fasicists. AIF and other groups are dedicated to this cause as well.

In the meantime, register to vote! Click here to find out how to get registered in your area. After that, get other people registered to vote! This is a great way to meet other allies. Go to places where you think you would meet like-minded people.

Vote early! Not only will you avoid the lines, but voting early allows you to be available on Election Day, to fight against and document any attempts to suppress the vote.

Volunteer as an Election Officer! There is no better way to prevent fraud. This is a job that has historically been performed by the older, retired population. And increasingly, fascists are replacing retiring election workers (often after harrassing them out of the job) The youth of the country need to help perform this vital function of society. Additionally, most states pay election workers on Election Day.

Research your local area

A good way to get started is to find other similar groups. Join them and invite those members to join the AIF. Overlapping membership increases numbers for all groups and magnifies the movement's percieved size. College campuses are perhaps the best place to look. Search for student organizations and posted event flyers.

The other half of your research should be uncovering local fascist groups. Be careful. If you feel up for it, create alternative social media accounts and infiltrate the swamp. The best places to do this are on so-called "free speech platforms" such as Gab and Truth Social. However, simply being aware of fascist events, protests, and political actions can be enough to put you in the position to counter them. Showing up and shouting these people down does a lot to disrupt their organization!

We also need to build our presence online as well as in person. If there isn't one already, you can start local AIF social media chapters on Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram. Local chapters might even want their very own website! We are decentralized at the local level, so by being here, you are empowered to start right away.

Hard Times Coming

In a societal collapse, or a protest action, your effectiveness is directly related to fitness. Establish a routine, no matter how small at the start, and build up from there. Even hiking or walking with a heavy backpack can help build the kind of toughness you might find neccessary in the very near future.

We are ready to train you to defend yourself and your family using firearms. Many of us are veterans or are well-trained and responsible owners.

Even in good times, we should be prepared for both natural and man-made emergencies. The Resources page can get you started in preparing for the unexpected.

We highly recommend not only training to be physically fit, but also understand basic medical information and first aid procedures. The better informed and trained our comrades are, the stronger we are together!


This is a personal choice that we all have to make. Many of us, for many reasons, should not take part in protests or counter-protests. But if you can, we need you! There are a lot of techniques you need to learn before joining or organizing a protest. Check out the links and resources here and make sure you are well informed, prepared, and ready to face the consequences of putting your safety and freedom on the line.

Attend other protests before organizing your own. Never protest alone. Always have someone to watch your back. Fascists are strongly motivated by mob mentality, and they will treat a single protester as a pack of wolves treats a single prey separated from the group. A common military tactic is to always engage the enemy using a much larger sized force than them. There is strength in numbers.

Flyers, Stickers, Stencils!

A time-honored tradition in resistance movements. Our Resources page has many flyers available to download, print, and distribute. The 3 Arrows logo makes a great spray paint stencil, which is a very cost-effective way to cover up fascist propaganda. Visit our merch shop on Redbubble to find stickers, posters, flags, t-shirts, and more. Our logos are free to use and we encourage you to make your own materials as much as possible. We also have guides and knowledge to share with you on how to produce these materials.